American TESOL Institute offers a 120 hours TEFL course of 3 weeks in Bangkok with special emphasis on “Teaching Observation” and “Teaching Practice”.

Course Overview Course Overview

Why pursue this course?

With English language teaching industry constantly evolving across the globe, EFL/ESL teachers can expect loads of teaching English jobs abroad. A TEFL certificate is a major qualification required by learning institutions to teach as an EFL/ESL teacher in non-native speaking countries. TEFL course is an international program of training for teachers where the candidates are acquainted with the latest advents and the current methodologies in the field of education.

The program provides a lifelong journey of personal and professional developments for TEFL teachers because a successful language teacher should not remain confined to simply language teaching. He/she has to continuously work on developing a variety of skills and update oneself. In order to succeed as an EFL/ESL teacher abroad the first thing the teacher has to bear in mind that an EFL/ESL teacher’s job is completely different from that of a traditional teacher. Teaching English abroad can be a very rewarding and successful experience for those who are TEFL qualified and are interested in diverse cultures and different local customs.

What will I gain from the program?

TEFL course in Bangkok provides the trainees with:-

Will this program serve my purpose?

American TESOL Institute offers a 120 hours TEFL course of 3 weeks with special emphasis on “Teaching Observation” and “Teaching Practice”. The TEFL program has been designed giving a fresh approach to the curriculum keeping in mind the various needs of assorted trainees. Bangkok provides a congenial atmosphere for trainees and expert faculty along with a good placement program making it a tempting destination for teachers and aspiring teachers.
Aspirants interested in teaching English abroad can join this program to get an international certificate and enhance their English language teaching skills. Like teachers, opportunities for language trainers are plenty in Asia. Job opportunities are not only confined in schools but are there in language institutes, hotels and offices as well.

What will be my career prospects?

ATI’s TEFL course in Bangkok can be taken by:

A TEFL certificate from American TESOL Institute lends an extra edge to those who are willing to teach English in a foreign country. Bagging TEFL jobs in foreign locations could be a great start to a new and interesting teaching experience altogether even if one is from a different sector.

While the other course were either limited to an adult age group or children age group ATI was the only institution that was offering a course that wasn’t limited to any age group. Also, I hope to work abroad as a teacher and hopefully the course will help me. It was an interesting experience. The teachers were great and very helpful. It was fun to learn to teach, met some wonderful people during the course. The practice teaching sessions were great and the children were inspiring. - Anurag Sinha Roy

Key Facts

120 hrs. (3 weeks full time)
* 8th June to 26th June
* 29th June to 17th July
* 26th Oct to 13th Nov

If you are passionate about teaching, have good communication skills and a degree then this is the perfect program for you. Teachers with a thirst for adventure should join this program to earn an international certificate and gather teaching experience. Fresh graduates and career changers interested to travel abroad and want to make teaching their career must try this. It is ideal for anyone interested in this profession and also for those avid travelers who are eager to teach. Opt for a rewarding career with enough growth and handsome pay package along with a ticket to travel the world. It is a great opportunity to learn about a new culture, make international friends and of course, travelling remains one of the primary attractions of this program.


The cost of this project is US$ 1090

Why is this Program special :
* 3 weeks International TEFL Certification Course (120 hrs with International certification from USA)
*Accommodation at a reputed 3 star hotel in Bangkok. The check-in is one day prior to the program.
* Breakfast and Lunch inclusive (*Lunch only on class days)
* Provides free calling card to help you to stay connected.
* Includes Thai Language and cultural orientation by trained Thai faculty.
* One day special Bangkok city trip.
* Attractive souvenir that packs your TESOL memories.
* All this comes at only 1090 USD – a value for money!

We sometimes run special campaigns for Asian teachers, Please contact for special fee information.

Toll Free :1-866-999-8308 (US)
+91 9830073512 (INDIA)
+66 21055721 (Thailand)

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Structure & Teaching Structure & Teaching

Teaching Modules

American TESOL Institute is offering 120 hours TEFL Course in Bangkok, which incorporates the latest techniques of language teaching, methods of teaching basic language skills and understanding classroom teaching and student handling. The trainees are also acquainted with the two most important aspects of the course -‘Teaching Observation’ and ‘Teaching Practice’. The real teaching practice sessions in schools provide the trainees with the practical knowledge of classroom teaching. They also experience teaching in foreign nation where the native language is unknown.

TEFL Course in Bangkok can be broadly divided into 3 main stages which are spread over three weeks:-

  • Week 1-Components of Language and Teaching Methods in TESOL consists of introduction, course outline, approaches to language, theatre techniques, warmer, context setting, foreign language, error correction, two types of lesson planning-basic and young learners rounding with peer teaching in class.
  • Week 2- Teaching the receptive skills-listening and reading, grammar and phonology consists of reading, phonology, classroom management, text based demo, lesson planning rounding with peer teaching in class.
  • Week 3-Teaching Practice consists of writing, speaking, teaching adults along with teaching practice preparations rounding with giving basic, young learners and receptive skills demo lessons in schools.

Assessment and Evaluation

TEFL Course Bangkok offers a unique opportunity to the aspiring teachers to acquire the contemporary methods of development in English teaching and adopting new trends in ELT. American TESOL Institute believes in learning which is facilitated and stresses on methodology which is participatory and interactive. The program stimulates active involvement and fosters peer teaching and peer correction.
The trainees have to take Grammar and Phonology test which assesses the Language Awareness of the trainees. They also have to submit Foreign Language journals where they are asked to reflect on the varied methodologies used for teaching the language with special attention to the personal language learning experience. The program ends with Teaching Practice where the trainees are asked to give Lesson Plan demos which are evaluated on the basis of certain parameters like the a) Steps of the lesson plan and b) Personal traits of the trainer.

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Facilities Facilities & Features


Bangkok, one of the most tourist friendly and cosmopolitan cities in Asia is the capital city of Thailand. The captivating Thai capital called the “City of Angels” is replete with marvelous temples, grand palaces and museums, eclectic floating markets and vibrant nightlife. Modern day Bangkok has undergone massive growth over the years and has developed into a major tourist destination attracting visitors from all corners of the globe. American TESOL Institute’s TEFL course in Bangkok will prove to be an exciting as well as a rewarding experience for the candidates who can immerse in the exotic culture, while tasting succulent cuisines and enjoying the bountiful tourist attractions

Venue-J L Bangkok

J L Bangkok is a contemporary and charming hotel located on the bustling Ramkhamhaeng Road with easy access to Sukhumvit and Suvannabhumi Airport. The hotel is situated in the shopping area with The Mall Bangkapi and Mall Ramkahmhaeng in the vicinity. Ramkahmhaeng University, Rajamangala Stadium and Nine Center Rama 9 are located close to the hotel. Apart from the deeply relaxing rooms and welcoming restaurant, J L Bangkok also offers a coffee shop for guests ranging from business to leisure travellers. Flat screen televisions, air conditioning, refrigerators, complimentary wireless Internet in lobby access and free parking are the other amenities available at the hotel.


Ramkahmhaeng is a prominent retail and cultural district hemmed by Ramkahmhaeng Road, a major arterial road in Bangkok. The area offers an array of attractions for locals and tourists alike. The district is dotted with enchanting Buddhist temples, National Park for nature lovers, magnificent National Museum and different cultural heritages. Apart from a cluster of malls Ramkahmhaeng also has a unique night market which is shopper’s paradise selling a variety of items from fashionable clothes to stylish accessories offered at a starting price of only 99 THB. The night market gives the shoppers an opportunity to taste some succulent street food served at food stalls to fine dining at the various restaurants brimming over in the area.

 Careers & Opportunities Careers & Opportunities

Future Prospects

teaching English overseas
Explore the exciting world of teaching English overseas

A TEFL certification will provide the aspirants with a unique opportunity to explore the exciting world of teaching English overseas. The program prepares the trainees for an adventurous and rewarding profession since a huge requirement for EFL/ESL teachers is conspicuous in non-English speaking countries especially in Asia.

TEFL Course Bangkok not only instills the confidence in the trainees to face an English learners’ class with élan anywhere in the world but molding them into skilled language trainers with current language teaching techniques and a global mind-set imperative for a successful EFL/ESL career. The course even helps the trainees with no experience to make a smooth transition into an international teaching career.

A TEFL certificate is a major qualification required for TEFL jobs abroad and the certification from an internationally recognized provider of TEFL courses like American TESOL institute creates lifelong opportunities to live and work overseas as an EFL/ESL teacher.

Benefits of TEFL Certification

TEFL Certification
Try out new destinations with plenty of TEFL jobs

A TEFL certification from American TESOL Institute is a first step to embark on a career of teaching English abroad and try out new destinations with plenty of jobs as English continues to grow as a language of opportunity. It provides the trainees with the following benefits:-

  • * ESL teachers get the perfect opportunity to travel and teach around the world
  • * The program helps develop practical classroom teaching skills and a range of teaching methodologies
  • * Trainees can get jobs as an English trainer in different sectors
  • * Schools abroad prefer to hire English teachers with a TEFL certification
  • * Trainees can work with both children as well as adult learners
  • * Ideal for individuals looking for jobs in dream locations
  • * The certification helps the trainees to land jobs in the prospering TEFL arena from private institutes to government schools

Future Planning

Career planning
TEFL certificate can help to get esl jobs abroad

Pursuing TEFL course Bangkok and earning a TEFL certificate can help the trainees to land EFL/ESL jobs in the prospering sector of teaching English abroad. The real teaching practice sessions in schools help the trainees with no experience to gain real classroom experience and also the valuable experience of teaching in foreign nation where the native language is unknown.

This teaching stint immensely helps the trainees when they actually start planning. Of late, TEFL jobs are opening up with a great demand for English teachers in globalized Asia. Thailand has become the current sought after destination for EFL/ESL teachers.

A lot of well financed government initiatives are conspicuous in Japan and with countries like South Korea and Vietnam steadily making its presence felt in the corporate world, ESL job openings are at an ever expanding mode.

China is churning out huge vacancies for English teachers and there are adequate TEFL jobs in Malaysia, Cambodia and Taiwan as well.

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Structure & Teaching Testimonial & Pictures

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